How to Do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup in California

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How to Do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup in California

Before the introduction of the internet, you needed to consult a hard copy of the white pages to do a reverse phone number lookup. These white pages directories were available from places like libraries or the police for example. The directories were published by specific towns, so for ways on how to do a reverse phone number lookup in California, you needed a copy of the directory from California.

Thanks to the internet, you can now perform a reverse phone lookup in California online and get instant results. The fortunate part is you can do all this for free and it’s also easy. This article will show how to conduct such a look up and the places you can conduct it from. So whether you want to find out more on the annoying number that keeps calling you or can’t remember the owner of that number that you wrote on a piece of paper, this article has you covered.

California Reverse Phone Lookup on Google

Google is one option where you can start your free reverse phone lookup from. A search from this site is simple. All you have to do is enter the phone number with you on Google’s search bar and search. If the number is registered to a business, it will show up at the top list of your results. This will come with maps and links to that business.

A lot of people include their contact information when they sign up on a number of sites online. If the number is on one of the sites that Google algorithms can access, it will return a positive result.

Other search engines that might prove helpful for a reverse phone number search are Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Bing.

Google can also be useful in pointing you to other websites that may help you perform a reverse phone search process. By typing ‘reverse phone lookup’ on Google’s search bar and starting a search, you will be given a list of sites that can help you conduct your search. Examples of them are given below.

California Reverse Phone Lookup on the White Pages

The next choice for a free reverse phone number lookup in California would be the white pages sites. Ever since the production of hard copies of the white pages directories was halted, there has been numerous sites online that offer the information. The White Pages is among the leading sites. It has more than 30 million visitors per month with a database that has contact records on more than 80 % of United States adults.

Searches from most sites that offer white pages information (name, phone number, address) can be done with a name, number and address.

To perform a search with a phone number from the White Pages, go to Click on the ‘Reverse Phone’ function. On the search box that shows up, enter the phone number and start your search. This will give you the name and residential address of the person the phone number is registered to. Usually, the results are accompanied by the age of the phone number owner.

Results on a free reverse phone number search from the White Pages are instant. Other white pages sites that you can try out are Anywho, 411, Address and 50 States.

These sites also offer premium searches on them. If you are looking to get more details like the person’s background information (education background, criminal record, employment records), you can try a premium search from them.

California Reverse Phone Number Lookup on Intelius

Founded in 2003, this site scours the web for data from a number of specialized sources to offer it to you in a single location. Intelius allow searches with a name, phone number and a physical address.

To conduct a reverse phone number search from Intelius, you will need to go to Select the ‘Phone’ option. From the search box that follow, enter the phone number and start searching. This will give you the owner’s name and their physical address. All this is free of charge from here.

For a more detailed report, you will need to sign up for their single payment plan. Unlike those sites which require that you use a monthly fee which is expensive, Intelius allows for single payment searches. This type of search will give you the person’s criminal records, education background, employment background, address history, social media profiles and more.

The site updates its data on constant basis making sure you get the latest and most relevant information on your lookup process.

Other such sites include Spokeo, US Search, People Finders, Been Verified, Instant Checkmate to name some of them.

These are some of the options you have on how to do a reverse phone number lookup in California. The best part is, all these sites can do searches all over the United States, making their results to be absolutely comprehensive.